Ultra Orthodox Israel - the internal threat (2008/ongoing)

The Ultra-Orthodox Jewish community of Israel today represents over 15% of the Jewish population and 25% of the school-aged population of the country.
With a birthrate 3 times higher than secular jews, Haredim's community is growing in its political importance into the Knesset while its religious strictness is deeply influencing the moves and choices of the once-secular Israeli State.

An ongoing project on a community that is considered by many the main internal threat to the stability of Israel.

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Mea Shearim , Jerusalem, April 2009 A father with his two daughters; during the Pesach, the Jewish Easter, the orthodox community attends the ritual burning of bread. The education of children among the Haredim Community is one of the most controversial topics in the Israeli debate among secular and religious Jews. It includes also a very strict dressing code.