Photography & Reportage


Set Photography


A selection from my work on the 1st season of the series "My Brillaint Friend",  produced by HBO and WILDSIDE and based on the bestselling novel by Elena Ferrante.

Israel (2008/ongoing)

Ultra Orthodox Israel - the internal threat

The Ultra-Orthodox Jewish community of Israel today represents over 15% of the Jewish population and 25% of the school-aged population of the country.
With a birthrate 3 times higher than secular jews, Haredim's community is growing in its political importance into the Knesset while its religious strictness is deeply influencing the moves and choices of the once-secular Israeli State.

An ongoing project on a community that is considered by many as the main internal threat to the stability of Israel.

Egypt (Jan/feb 2011)

#25Jan2011 - Cairo. Dawn of a Revolution

A Portfolio about the 18 days of the Egyptian Revolution that brought to fall of Hosni Mobarak, who ruled the country for over 30 years.


this work has been awarded with:

WORLD PRESS PHOTO 2012 3d place Spot News Stories
POY Photographer of the Year 2012- Award of Excellence

Kuala Lumpur International photo awards 2012

Italy - Set Photography

REALITY - Life behind a movie 

'Reality' (ITA/FRA 2012), latest movie by award winning director Matteo Garrone (Gomorrah, Tale of Tales) won Grand Prix at Cannes film Festival in 2012.
Most of Garrone's actors are taken from real life with private stories deeply influencing the path of the movie; Aniello Arena, who acts as main charachter, is a former mafia killer currently serving a life sentence in Jail. He came on set with daily permissions and then go back to jail.
A work In-between set photograpy and reportage, in-between cinema and real life.

Egypt (2011-2013)

Post-Revolutionary Egypt

Portfolio selection from daily coverage of news and events in Egypt from the fall of Hosni Mobarak (feb 2011) till the Coup that brought to the destitution of the elected Egyptian president Mohammad Morsi in June 2013.

news coverage (2008-2012)


A portfolio selection of daily coverage (assignment and freelancing) of news and events related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict between the end of 2007 and 2012

Ukraine ( Jan-March2014)

The Ukranian crisis

Ukranian uprising grew strongly in the first weeks of 2014. Thousands and thousands of demonstrators occupied Maidan Square, in the center of Kiev, to defy protest ban and to demand for the immediate resignation of their president, Yanukovich. Yanukovich fleed to Russia, and this move brought the Ukranian crisis on a political level: on one side the pro-Russian supporters, on the other the European supporters.