Biography, Awards & Exhibithions

Eduardo Castaldo (39) was born and raised in Naples, Italy, and began working as a independent photojournalist in 2006.

He covered for a year events and news related to mafia and criminality in south Italy and started working for some of the leading magazines and newspapers internationally: in the end of 2007 he moved to settle, for private reasons, in Midlle East.


For almost 8 years Eduardo Castaldo was based between Jerusalem and Cairo, covering for leading magazines worldwide news, events and several political and social issues related to middle east.

In January 2011, he reached Cairo a few hours before the beginning of the Egyptian revolution. 

For three years Eduardo lived in Egypt, covering the revolutionary and post-revolutionary events, 
till the coup that brought the military to the rule the country.
For his reportage about the egyptian uprising he was awarded with several prizes, including a the World Press Photo in 2012 

He was photographer on set for director Matteo Garrone on the movie Reality ( Awarded with Grand Prix at Festival de Cannes 2012).

Main Editorial clients
TIME magazine, Internazionale, Der Spiegel, LeMonde, Newsweek, The Guardian, STERN, GQ, Vanity Fair, LeMonde magazine, Io Donna, L' Espresso, Le Courrier International, ElPais, Ruskij Reporter.

World Press Photo 2012 - 3 Prize Spot News Story 

POY - Photographer of the year International 2012 - Award of excellence - Portrait serie
POY - Photographer of the year International 2012 - Award of excellence -
 Multimedia award

Kuala Lumpur International Photography awards 2012 - Moving image award

Sony World Photo Awards - Finalist 2012 & 2013

In 2014, after covering the first two months of the Ukranian crisis, Eduardo Castaldo decided to freeze his photojournalistic career in order to dedicate himself on a long term project, a fiction movie; he wrote the screenplay and now aims to realize it as director.
He's currently engaged in this project.