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Immigration crisis in Europe. 463 Migrants approaching Napoli. 23 October 2016

After 8 years spent in middle east, producing images for leading magazines, translating the other, its life and suffering into images suitable for our codes, in March 2014 I decided to freeze my photojournalistic work.
Too much unsolved questions regarding my role as photojournalist in conflict areas and regarding the meaning of what i had done through all those years.
For almost 2 years and a half, beside few lifestyle assignments, I never used my camera.
On 23 October 2016, at sunset, I heard the news of a Coast Guard Boat with 463 migrants approaching Napoli's Harbour. Shortly after I found myself there, shooting pictures on a subject that was among my main reasons for leaving photography years before.
I feel glad of all the time i have spent without taking pictures. 
The story behind these images is well known. The life behind these images remains untold.

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